Racing Stripes

Racing Stripes


Earrings: Old Navy, recent / Necklace: Premiere, old / Sweater: Maurices, last fall / Pants: old / Boots: JCP, old

For some reason, the strip of yellow against my sweater reminded me of a race car.  I don’t really know why, so I did a Yahoo search for “racing stripes”, and this poster for the movie popped up.  I haven’t seen the movie, but I thought it was pretty funny that it matched my outfit perfectly:)  Random…

Anyway, I love how adding a pop of neon at my ears and around my waist really reinvents this pretty basic work outfit.  The belt came with a summer dress I bought a couple years ago, and I did buy these earrings recently just to match it.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a pair in my hand and then put them back and regretted it, so I finally bit the bullet.

Accessories, like skinny belts, colorful baubles, and scarves, have been at the top of my wish list recently.  They are a lot cheaper than buying a whole new outfit and can make an old outfit feel completely new!

What are your tricks for updating and re-creating some of your old outfits?

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