Date Night Glam



Saturday night, a crew of wonderful fellas from church hosted a delicious Valentine dinner.  Since dearest Mother Nature dropped a few inches of snow on us on Valentine’s Day, and Tyson and I celebrated with a romantic dinner at home, I was ready to get all dolled up and get out of the house.

This ensemble really came out of nowhere.  I had planned on wearing something else all day, but then when I went to pull it out of the closet, I spotted the pink dress and thought why not?  It’s a recent hand-me-down that I hadn’t even tried on, so I didn’t know beforehand that it was this short.  After I was completely dressed, I kept debating between the leggings or putting on black skinny jeans, but in the end I stuck with the leggings.


A jacket or sweater of some sort was necessary because the dress is sleeveless and has a cutout in the back.  I knew this one, another hand-me-down, would look great against the pink, and I also like the fitted, shorter style of it to balance out the loose bottom of the dress.


My blingy booties finished out my Glam Date Night look, and I got a lot of compliments on them:)

This was a really fun and girly outfit to put together, and I enjoyed thinking outside the box, getting creative, and stepping out of my wardrobe comfort zone a bit.  What are your requirements for a glam date night look?  Do you stick to one type of look or push the envelope sometimes?

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