Sweater: Old Navy, this winter / Striped Tee: Old Navy, this winter / Belt: Old Navy, this winter / Skirt: Gap, old / Boots: JC Penney, old /

This skirt has been in the giveaway box I don’t now how many times, but somehow it is still in my closet.  I really like it, but it could use some alterations.  It’s a little big around the waist, and I think it would be even cuter and look a little more modern if it were a couple inches shorter.

Regardless, I can’t bring myself to get rid of it.  With the dark tweed material, it’s just a great winter skirt, and when worn with the right thing, makes me feel very sophisticated.

I brightened it up today with the pink cardigan (see how else I’ve worn it here) and pulled it together with the dark brown by adding a leopard print belt.


Simple gold jewelry kept this outfit from being too busy and gave it just the classy finishing touch I was looking for.

What’s in your closet that you can’t bring yourself to get rid of?  When is the last time you wore it?

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