A Nautical Take


In order to get the full effect of today’s post, you must first imagine with me that I am not surrounded by brown fields and bare trees; rather, I’m on a boat sailing aqua ocean waters or strolling along a beach boardwalk:)





Earrings: Old Navy, this winter almost exact / Scarf: Wal-Mart, recent / Sweater: Old Navy, this winter springier version / Striped Shirt: Old Navy, this winter similar, great option, / Jeans: Old Navy, old / Flats: Old Navy, old these are snazzy/ Purse: Dooney & Bourke via TJ Maxx, old splurge

The Nautical fashion trend is a classic that comes back year after year around this time, and 2014 is no exception.  I did a little shopping Saturday at Old Navy and the racks were full of Nautical-themed apparel, mainly anchor prints and stripes, that I just couldn’t pass up.  I probably went a little overboard (HA!  no pun intended).

Today’s look, though, was actually taken a couple weeks ago and worn to work on casual Friday, and I just gave the stripes my own nautical spin with neon yellow accents in a scarf and knotted earrings.  My preferred version of this outfit would be with white shorts instead of jeans and silver sandals instead of flats…And a real ocean in the background, of course!

Have you ever tried your own version of nautical look?  Here are just a few of the items I saw featured on Saturday.  I can’t wait to share my top picks with you in the coming weeks!  Caveat-not to be worn all together;)

Old Navy  / Old Navy / Old Navy  / Old Navy

Old Navy  / Old Navy  / Old Navy / Old Navy

4 Responses

  1. Very cute! I love the nautical theme- especially the anchors! Just had my girls trying on nautical swimsuits yesterday!

  2. Love your blog I have always loved your style for clothes etc will have to check out the new things from old navy loved them