Showing Some Skin


Snakeskin that is…DSCN0775



Suit (same skirt in black) & Blouse: c/o my clothes fairy / Belt: Target, this winter / Purse: Dooney & Bourke, old, family gift / Boots: JCP, recent similar

Want to know my very favorite thing about this outfit?  The suit and blouse were absolutely free!  From time to time, when I get to work, a clothes fairy has left a bag of goodies on my chair, and it just makes my day:)

Sometimes, I wake up in a suit kind of mood, which basically means I didn’t have time to plan a work outfit, probably woke up late, and need an option that doesn’t take a lot of thought but still looks pulled together and professional (see more of my thoughts on suits here).

I tried a couple of darker, solid-colored tops but finally settled on this snakeskin print blouse.  Even though winter has made an unwelcome (and hopefully brief!) comeback, I’m still craving color, and the purple print helped brighten things up a bit.

How do you feel about snakeskin print?  Would you wear any of the options below?  I would wear the neutral dress with a bright pink cardigan or heels.

Old Navy / Vanity / JCP /

H&M / Kohl’s / Kohl’s

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