In My Dreams!


Today, I’m sharing (for the 2nd time) a link on my Facebook page where you can enter to win a $2,000 wardrobe makeover;   A $1,500 gift card to Shopbop and a $500 gift card to thredUP!   I hadn’t heard of either of these online retailers before, but I submitted my entry because, hello, wardrobe makeover…Anyway, my sister had actually e-mailed me the promo a couple weeks ago to share, and I did, and then a few days later she asked if I had checked out thredUP.  I had not, so the information she gave me piqued my interest enough to look into it.

thredUP is an online thrift shop featuring like new/very gently worn designer labels at super affordable prices!  You can even sell them your clothes and earn up to 80% of the resale value in either shopping credit or cash to a PayPal account, and what they do not accept, they donate, or you can request it be sent back to you for a fee.  They buy and sell women’s, petites, junior’s, plus, maternity, and kids’.

Now, I am not a labels/designer person at all.  About 98% of my wardrobe is off a clearance rack, I buy $4 scarves at Family Dollar and cute purses at yard sales, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.  Aside from a couple of gifts, if anything I wear/own has a designer label on it, I probably bought it used from Plato’s Closet:)  That being said, I don’t think I have much that would be acceptable to sell to thredUP(they’re very picky), but I did check out their merchandise, and I was impressed.  Plus, they give you 20% off your first order!

As for Shopbop, it’s pretty much out of my league.  Shopbop is a major online retailer of high end designer labels…at full price, but their website has some neat features, like Style Lookbooks and Fashion Features that are updated daily if you’re ever looking for style inspiration.  Now, if they gave me $1,500 to spend, I’m sure I could manage;)

Just for fun, here’s a little collage of Shopbop items I could mark off my wishlist.  What would you buy?  Would you spend it all on one major item or stretch it out to get the most bang for your buck?

Rainy Day Essentials

Rain Boots / Trench Coat / Umbrella


 Bathing Suit /Beach Tote / Cover Up / Sandals

 Bikini Top & Bottom /Cover Up / Sunglasses / Fedora

Big Spender

Purse 1 / Purse 2 

A girl can dream right?  Don’t forget to enter here and good luck!







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