Friday Feature: Style Tips For The Busty Ladies


Shortly after the public debut of Jinger’s Closet Creations, I received a very flattering message from a reader/friend who commended me for being “fashion forward” yet also being modest in the way I dress.  As a mother to 2 young (and adorable!) girls, she shared how important it is to her to relay that sense of modesty to them, but, as a busty gal, how difficult that can be sometimes.  She, and a few others, were looking for solutions to wearing cute tops while not being over-exposed.

Well, I was not blessed (or cursed depending on who you talk to) with much in the way of a bosom, so I didn’t have any immediate advice and promised to do some research.  After much browsing, I was most impressed with these articles, so rather than trying to re-write my findings and worry about plagiarism, I’ve provided the links for you to click right to them: photo #14 is the author, and I bet she’s super cool!)

I also scoured Pinterest for photos that display the tips offered in the articles and to give you some visual inspiration.  You can click on each one to view full size;)

I hope the articles were helpful and would love to know how these tips work for you.  Keep me posted and have a great weekend!

2 Responses

  1. I am busty and I too find it difficult to look cute yet modest. I love to layer!! Especially using a lace cami.