From Inspiration to Reality

yellowgreenandpolkadots via Pinterest


A co-worker friend of mine showed me this picture the other day, and I loved the combination of green and yellow, especially with the polka dots.  I got to thinking that it looked like something I had seen before, and, lo and behold, I had actually pinned it a few months ago to my Color Combos inspiration board on Pinterest!

Now that the weather’s right, I was anxious to create my own version.  Since I don’t have a black and white polka dot shirt, I pulled a little switcheroo and wore the polka dots on the bottom.

Then, I realized I only have 2 yellow tops, and neither was suitable for the layered look I was going for.  However, I do have several green tops to choose from, so I went with the emerald green cardigan.

The necklace (which you’re going to get sick of seeing!) features a lot more color options than my inspiration, but, along with the patterned, colorful flats I wore,  it worked best with the color scheme I had going.

In the end, my version is pretty different from the inspiration photo, but that’s the fun of working with what you’ve got and adding your own spin and personality to an outfit.

Be sure and check out by Missy!  Like me, she’s all about getting creative with what you’ve got.  I just discovered her blog because of this post, and I’m loving her colorful style!



















Necklace: Maurices, recent / Black Tanktop: JCP, old / Cardigan: Maurices, last spring similar, cropped / Bracelets: Rue 21 & Old Navy, this winter similar, similar, similar / Pants: Maurices, last spring similar, similar curvy / Flats: Rue 21, recent similar, similar

I challenge you this week to find an outfit photo that inspires you and turn it into reality.  I’d love to hear about and/or see your final product.  Happy creating!


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