Red and Yellow






Sweater, Dress, and Sandals: Old Navy, 2-3 years ago…I can’t really remember / Purse: last year similar, mini pouch, straw clutch (so cute!), similar

Do you ever have a piece of clothing in your closet that you keep coming across and think, “Hmm, I really like that.  I should wear it some time?”  For me, that item is this sweater, but every time I saw it, I seemed to be in a hurry and couldn’t take the time to really think it over.

I finally decided to actually pull it out of the closet and make an attempt at pairing it with something, and I had actually given up and set it aside when I pulled this dress (yes, another sundress) off the hanger.  The dress is pretty low-cut, and I obviously couldn’t wear it to work without something over it, and the sweater was still there where I threw it on the floor hung it back up ever so nicely:)

Next thing you know, I’ve got a red and yellow outfit, which I had been wanting to try anyway but didn’t think I had the pieces.  Add a belt (of course) as it was borderline muumuu territory, and I have a brand new outfit that that I’ve never worn before!

That is what makes fashion so much fun for me; being able to stretch my creative muscles to accomplish something that I actually enjoy and sharing my ideas and encouraging you, dear readers, to do the same:)  Have a great day, and, as always, thanks for reading!

Mix and Match today’s gallery for some red and yellow inspiration.  I’m loving the red shirt dress, anchor necklace, and red lace skirt!  Which ones are your faves?


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