Keeping It Classy







Striped Sweater: Old Navy, 2 years ago, similar styles here, here, and here / Yellow Tanktop: Maurices, 2 years ago / Shorts: Old Navy, 2+ years ago, similar in 3 1/2″, 5″, 5″ plus, 7″ / Wedge Heels: Guess via DSW, new similar, similar, similar / Purse, 1 year ago similar, similar

You know that woman that looks classy no matter where you see her or what time of year it is?  Ne’er a hair out of place, and her clothes are always perfectly coordinated.  Some of these women I know personally, but some I may see in a shopping mall or in an airport, and I just know that she always looks that pulled together.  These women always make me say to myself, ” I want to be like her when I grow up!”

Today, I’m embracing summer in a more “grown-up” look; neutral colors of crisp white and sunny yellow, classic shapes and lines, and simple jewelry and heels.  I’m definitely not ready to give up my cut-offs and flip-flops just yet, but I have been wrestling with the”Am I too old for this?” dilemma, especially when it comes to my work apparel, and thinking about classing it up a little….Have you ever been there?

P.S. If you’re looking for 4th of July style steals and missed the last post, click here for fun ideas all less than $20!

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