Maxed Out


Yesterday, I said that I had some more exciting news to share about something that happened in July, but I spent so much time sharing Guatemala with you that I ran out of time.  Today, I want to bring you up to speed.

Many of you probably know that for nearly 4 years, I have worked in Bedford, 30 miles away from my hometown.  The drive (about 45 minutes) has never really bothered me; it gives me lots of time to think, prioritize my goals for the day, wind down on the way home.  No biggie.  Then, last October, Tyson got a new job that was in Bedford as well.  We carpooled from time to time to save gas, but now his schedule really doesn’t allow the opportunity unless I want to hang out after work for another hour or so…Um, no thanks.

We finally decided that considering what we were spending in gas and all the time we were wasting driving back and forth it would be really wise for us to move closer.  We looked at one house and knew right away it was where we were meant to be, so right before we left for Guatemala, we got an accepted offer on our dream home!  Let me give you a little sneak peak:


Needless to say, I’m super excited about our pending move and some new opportunities that are coming our way;)  While the blog may be a little hit and miss in the coming weeks with packing, moving, getting re-settled, etc., I’m still dedicated to bringing you my latest fashion finds and creations, like my new favorite online boutique, White Plum!

I was introduced to White Plum by my favorite blogger, J over at J’s Every Day Fashion.  She was hosting a gift card giveaway for White Plum, and since I had never heard of it before, I was quick to visit their site and snoop around.  One way to earn an entry for the giveaway was to be added to their e-mail list, so of course I did!

I didn’t win the giveaway, but shortly thereafter, I got an e-mail advertising their summer clearance, and the rest is history.  I fell in love with their unique and affordable merchandise and pretty well stocked up my closet for the rest of the year!





Dress: White Plum / Yellow Purse: JCP similar / Yellow Sandals: Old Navy, similar here and here / Heels (bottom pic): Guess via DSW, similar, love these!

Maxi dresses have never been on the top of my shopping lists, but I just couldn’t pass up this great retro pattern and its bold colors.  Plus, as you can see from the pictures, it looks amazing either with casual flats or neutral heels for a more dressed up version.  Switch out the sandals for boots, and I can effortlessly take this dress right into fall!

Are you a fan of the maxi dress?  Here are some more colorful options with sleeves for an easy seasonal transition.

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