New Beginnings



Dress: White Plum Lucy Polka Dot Dress, this summer similar, similar / Necklace: Yard Sale / Bracelet: Jamaican Souvenir / Tank Top: Maurices, 4 years ago / Purse: JCP, 2 years ago similar, similar / Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger, old similar, similar / Boots: Guess via DSW, new ($27 steal in store!) nearly exact but not quite the price:( / Designer Pug: Priceless!

If you have read many of my blog posts, you know how ecstatic I was when Spring finally arrived this year.  To see everything in bloom again after such a long winter brought joy to my soul, especially knowing that summer was just right around the corner!

Now it’s Fall, and although it’s also such a beautiful time, I often have trouble enjoying it because I know that dreaded Winter will follow closely behind.  However, this year I’m welcoming it.

The quote above has special meaning for me this Fall.  As you know from a previous post, I moved recently, and besides the fact that moving sucks, it was just a huge life adjustment altogether.  New surroundings, new routines, new church…It was a lot of new all at one time!

So, this Fall, I’ve decided to embrace this quote and rest in knowing that God’s plan for this new chapter in my life is good.  I’m going to enjoy the coolness in the air, the bright colors in the trees, and then, after they fall, the crisp leaves as they crunch under my feet.

Which reminds me, I must mention that I’ll also enjoy wearing boots because, you know, this is a fashion blog;)  But seriously, my inbox has been inundated with all the killer boot options out there right now!  It looks like this Fall is all about the booties, and while I have a few pairs already and have been majorly tempted by a couple pairs (#2 and #4 in gallery), I haven’t bitten the bullet on any yet…Mainly because I’m not convinced this style is the most flattering on me…What’s your take?  Check out some of my fave finds below!

Happy Fall Ya’ll!

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