Valentine’s Day Round-up


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so I rounded up a few of my favorite looks.  Click on your favorite pieces for details, and keep scrolling to read about the night I have planned, but be warned…You might be jealous;)

Red Hot


Unfortunately, my beloved will be away all next week and won’t be home until very, very late on Valentine’s Night, so I won’t be going out looking all red hot or getting dolled up for a romantic date.  Actually, as of now, I’m planning on having a little “me” time and pampering myself with a nice bath, followed by a mani/pedi, and then cuddling up in my jammies with a good book until his return.  I told you you’d be jealous.  So it’s not really the Valentine’s Day I would have chosen, but to look on the bright side, absence makes the heart grown fonder;)

What are your plans for celebrating this crazy little thing called love? Will you be wearing anything similar to today’s favorites?

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