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Let’s Take a Tour


Hello lovelies! I hope you had a fantastic weekend. Mine was great because my Tyson came home. He had been in Guatemala since last Saturday, and I missed him terribly! (Read about the mission we are part of here)

tribaldressandpinkshoesbluewhitetribaldresstribalbuttondownandhatbluetribalbuttondownI didn’t make the trip this year, but hearing him talk about the children, his time in Antigua, and a day trip to the ocean certainly made me regret it. I must have had the streets of Antigua on my mind when I wore this because it’s perfect for a day of touring the cobblestone streets.buttondowndressandhatbuttondowndressPug approved.tribalbuttondown

The light-weight material of this dress and a sun-blocking hat are perfect for a hot day of strolling the streets of some exotic location.  Unfortunately, I was only in my back yard when I took these photos, and the only touring I did was to work and back (sans hat), but this cute little number will definitely be going with me on my next vacation!  White Plum calls this the Belizean Breeze Day Dress.  I think a day in Belize would do just fine;)

Hat: Wal-Mart, last year similar, similar / Dress: White Plum also here and here / Purse (used) similar/ Sandals: Old Navy, these look so comfortable / Bracelet: Jamaican souvenir

A Day on the River


thunderoutfitblouseandkhakisstrawhatstripedblousewhiteplumblouseblouseandstrawhatkhakishortsblouseandkhakisanchoraccessoriesHat: DSW, last fall similar / Blouse: White Plum, last fall (I have this one and this one on my radar!) / Shorts: Old Navy, 2 years ago nearly exact, plus / Purse: Steve Madden via TJ Maxx, recent similar, similar / Sandals: Unionbay via Shoe Department, this Spring also in white

This is what I wore Saturday to spend the day riverside enjoying the Airshow and fireworks at Thunder Over Louisville.  The day could not have been more perfect!  It was actually hot, and I loved every second of it!

Shorts are not usually my first choice; I’m always more comfortable in a dress/skirt or capris, but I knew I wanted to be cool, and I wasn’t sure how windy it would be along the river, so I didn’t think a dress or skirt would be wise.  The hat was a wind precaution as well, but I didn’t end up needing it.

This was my first time to watch the fireworks up close and personal, and it was so amazing!  So beautiful and powerful!  The only downside of the day was we had to park about 1 1/2 miles from where we needed to be, and it had not occurred to me to pack some walking shoes.  My feet certainly paid the price!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did:)  Have a lovely Monday!

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Worth the Effort Sweatshirt


westcoastrevsweatshirt4goldjewelssweatshirt1sweatshirt3Toboggan, old cute! / Sweatshirt: Old Navy (Men’s), new / Chambray Buttondown: Old Navy, last fall / Jeans: American Eagle, last fall / Boots: Shi by Journey, 2 years ago similar, similar, similar / Anchor Necklace, Christmas Gift / “J” Necklace: Rue 21, this winter, nearly exact (other initials available) / Wrap Bracelet: White Plum, last summer, similar / Watch: Target, this winter

Hello, all!  I do hope you had a wonderful weekend.  I quite enjoyed mine, which consisted of catching up with some old friends, enjoying time with family and the celebration of my daddy’s birthday, and, of course, watching the big Superbowl game.  How about that Katy Perry?!

I was also thrilled to turn the page on the calendar; hello February!  You know what they say the best thing about January is?  When it’s over!  I don’t know who “they” is, but I shall wholeheartedly agree:)  While I am ever so grateful that this January doesn’t even compare to the hellacious conditions we faced last year, I am happily marking one month of winter gone which means one month closer to SPRING!

 In the meantime, I’m still trying to stay warm and look like I put a little effort into getting dressed.  This men’s sweatshirt I picked up on clearance makes it pretty easy (I almost grabbed this one too).  I love the idea of sweatshirts, but since I dress for work the majority of the time, I tend to forget it would be nice to have a few more.  Layering my favorite chambray shirt underneath (I told you I wear it under everything) and adding a few simple gold accessories gives it some polish and makes it feel more “me”.

Graphic sweatshirts are super popular right now, and I put together a gallery of some that caught my eye, all under $20.  I included the basics that can be dressed up with a statement necklace, a few with prints that don’t need any extras, and some with cheeky sayings that you can accessorize or let the sweatshirt speak for itself.  What’s your favorite way to wear a sweatshirt?

All In the Details


RSCN2353RSCN2364RSCN2340RSCN2355RSCN2356 Chambray Blouse: Old Navy, this summer similar, similar, plus / Sweater: JCP, last winter similar here and here, oversize (great for layering!) / Necklace: Lia Sophia, gift save, splurge / Bracelet: Maurices, last winter love this, and this / Jeans: Old Navy, old The Rockstar, The SweetheartThe Flirt, / Purse: Christmas gift last year / Booties: Sisters (local boutique) B-day gift last fall

Well, hello my old leopard-printed, calf-haired friends.  I’ve missed you!

When I wore this for date night the other night, Tyson just shook his head and said the black, brown, and blue together were all a bit much for him.  I just shook my head back at him and said, “Leopard is a neutral. Duh.”

This Fossil handbag (see the story of how it came to be mine here) will be on my hip for the next 6 months, and adding matching leopard booties and a couple pieces of bling took simple jeans and a sweater up a a couple notches, no?  Check out the gallery below for a bajillion more leopard options.  You can click on the picture for details;)


The Fashion Canvas
Today, I’m linking up with The Fashion Canvas, Walking in Memphis in High Heels, and Lush to Blush. Be sure to check out their amazing blogs for more stylish inspiration!

Making It Work



Fedora: Walmart, last summer similar, similar / Necklace: old similar, similar / Blouse: Goody’s, last fall / Cardigan (similar) and Shorts: Old Navy, this spring / Wristlet: Maurices, this spring / Wedges: Delia’s, 3 years ago

This is what I wore home from Jamaica.  It’s a bit dressier than my departure outfit here, but these shoes were taking up the most room in my suitcase, and something had to give.  Why does it always seem harder to fit it all in on the the way there than on the way home?



Anyway, I loved the way this blouse looked with my shorts (with little pink anchors…obsession) and knew I wanted to try a similar combination for work when I got home.


Necklace: Rue 21, this spring similar / Blouse: Goody’s / Cardigan (similar): Old Navy, this spring / Bracelets: Rue 21, last winter / Skirt: JCPenney, this spring / Peep-toe Wedges: K-Mart, last year

I definitely like the first outfit the best because I love the multi-colored beads and the wedges that give it a bit of a tropical vibe.  Unfortunately, that just didn’t come through in my work version.  The wedges looked a little awkward with my pencil skirt, so I compromised with the nude peep-toes.  And without the wedge sandals, the beaded necklace just didn’t feel quite right, so I replaced it with the statement necklace.

In the end, I guess it worked, but I will definitely be making another attempt.  Do you like either of these looks?  If so, which one do you like best?

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My Traveling Style




Sunglasses: Walmart, new / Hat: Walmart, late last summer /Scarf: Walmart this winter / Jacket: Levi’s, hand-me-down / Tank: old / Backpack: Vera Bradley, purchased secondhand last year similar, similar / Pants: Sisters, last fall / Sandals: Maurices, new

Last week, I spent 6 nights/5 full glorious days in Paradise, a.k.a Negril, Jamaica.  7 miles of white sandy beaches, the turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean and the sound of lapping waves.  Aah, I was in heaven!  Besides being anxious to check on my little doggies, I was not even the slightest bit ready to come home.  However, it’s back to the real world, and this week I’ll be sharing some vacation highlights along with, of course, some tropical island styles I sported last week.

Anyway, this is what I wore for my day of traveling-casual, cool, and comfortable.

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Here are a few shots from my hotel, Rondel Village.  Welcome to Negril!

April Showers






Hat: Carhartt, Christmas gift 2 years ago pink!, plaid! / Flannel: Maurices, this winter / Striped Tee: Old Navy, this winter similar, similar / Coat: Old Navy, this winter similar / Jeans: Old Navy(similar Rockstar style), recent / Boots: Shi By Journey, 2 years ago steal, splurge

I am perfectly fine with a few spring showers.  After all, without the showers, there will be no May flowers, and we all want May flowers, right?  And while I don’t necessarily enjoy the cold, pouring rain we’ve had as of late, it did give me an excuse to wear my favorite flannel/stripes/sweater combination one more time.  I wish I had a pair of fun, colorful rain boots to match rather then the leather…

These adorable options might just make a person wish for a rainy day every now and then!  Do you have or would you wear cute rain boots?

Kamik / NOMAD / Kamik

Chinese Laundry / Amazon / Chinese Laundry

Charlotte Russe  / DSW / DSW